Friday, September 22, 2017

Two Sweet Finds!

On more positive news...

Here are two kitsch finds I got in today! Along with some posing fun with Francine...

 I don't collect egg cups, but this cutie just had to be brought in. Love his unique look and coloring. His head is not a deep opening, like a regular egg cup, and his backside has a spot to put a utensil? Perhaps. Never seen this type before. He will be added to the shop soon.
 His eyes are just kitschy cute and I'm sure, someone will adopt him.

 I decided to try Francine's head, on a pure neemo body by Azone International. Her neck opening is not as big, so I couldn't put it onto the neck joint completely. She does look as though her neck is a bit too long...
 But, with some hair and at certain angles you wouldn't notice! Ha. This pure neemo bod, I've had for some time. It is my favorite one to use for realistic poses with a doll. Below, more poses with Francine...
 She is wearing a Kikipop doll fashion, socks and shoes also for pure neemo, pillow handmade by me.

Last, I found this lovely Norleans/Plastona basket in Blue with a pink rose design. I've always wanted to get some, and this one if just gorgeous!
 One of my faves. This one has its original sticker, "Norleans, made in Greece."
 The first basket to a possible collection? Maybe, LOL.
 I want to hang it on the wall or place on a shelf... Lovely Mid Century design.

Thank you for looking! ~ ggsdolls

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Out of Sight, Out of Mind, NOT!

I've been containing myself from wanting to say anything more on North Korea's threats towards Guam and the USA. But, this is truly getting me just plain ticked off!

Since my post back on August, here. Life on Guam has been continuing on, etc. But, it has gotten worse as far as our tourism or should I say the lack of. Let me be specific, the people of Guam of course are concerned should there be a missile strike against us. But, even with the so called, "Preparedness Steps". We know, in the event of a missile strike, there is not much we can do to protect ourselves here on this small island. It is almost laughable that Homeland Security put out such a notice. This is nothing like a Typhoon, and many have voiced that. You can't board up your house or cover your windows to keep any type of fallout from coming in. Concrete or not, it will still come in.

Anyhow, my post is more so on my fellow Japanese friends and tourists. It's truly upsetting to me, to see many Japanese tourists have cancelled any an all trips to our island. Adding more irony to this, was when Trump said to our governor, Calvo, "Your tourism will grow 10 fold, because of this!" Trump just may have, jinxed it for us?! I mean seriously.

It started with a private message from one of our family friends from Japan, that usually book with us for Christmas vacation, suddenly they won't be able come because of "other" reasons. Then, in early September, students from Japan, cancelled coming out here, and there were quite a few that come for our student exchange programs, every year. Now, little to no inquiries for our Airbnb guest house, with the exceptions of South Korean tourists and a few Stateside. I've had one couple in S. Korea ask me, "What are the feelings of the people on Guam? with the threats that North Korea has given?" I told her honestly, we are concerned, but we can't live life in fear. She was happy to hear that from me. That tenant came with her husband, enjoyed their short vacation, and left. No, there was no missile strike, and no, she didn't die coming to visit, and enjoy her trip here on Guam!

People don't realize how important tourism is to our economy. It is already affecting us and soon, the effects will be much worse... The other day, my husband, Taby and I were at IHOP eating lunch. I swear, there was only like 2 families and a couple, inside the restaurant eating and it was lunch time?! Generally, one of the busiest times of the day! I see more of the same when I drive past Inarajan Pool, generally large crowds of tourists walking around, swimming, and enjoying the park. Now, hardly any one there...

(This morning as I waited for Sara to catch the bus. A rainbow above our street, Tongan Way, Inarajan. I truly believe, that God shows us the beauty and goodness in the world, if we choose to look for it.)

To my fellow Japanese friends, and tourists. Please know that if you decide to live your life in fear of the things that might happen, then you are living a life afraid of everything. The irony is that you have North Korea shooting missiles over your heads into the Pacific Ocean, and you are worried that Guam might not be able to protect you, while you are here. To me, it seems like this is your thinking, "Out of Sight, Out of Mind" or "As long as Japan is not threaten, we are fine", mentality. And that is just disturbing, to me. North Korean shooting a missile anywhere will affect, not just the place it is aimed at, but all of us, one way or another.

The only way this may stop, is we don't allow North Korea or Trump's threats make us do exactly what North Korea wants, a war. So, please don't be afraid, come to Guam, visit, shop, enjoy what the island has to offer you, eat at IHOP. Trust me, you are probably more so safe here on this small island, then the South Koreans are, living right next door to them, and they've been hearing the threats from North Korea for a lot longer than we have!
(The same rainbow, above Tonggan Guest House, this morning!)

Thank you for listening to my rant! ~ ggsdolls

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Retro Ladymate Powder Puff

I recently found and won this lovely retro piece from Japan!

I've often collected Ladymate music boxes, and there are a small few I will keep. These amazing types just draw me in, and when I do find one... I must say, it is hard to not want them all. Just like my last trinket music box here, this one is amazing in its own way...

 Found through Yahoo Japan, it arrived, sadly the red ruby diamond had to be reglued as it came off during transit to Guam. Otherwise, the powder puff came with its original "Ladymate" tag. I believe Sankyo and Ladymate are one in the same company.

 You lift the lid and underneath, (not shown) is a mirror, and inside a place for a powder puff and you could add your own brand of face powder. When the lid is removed, you will hear the same music box song as my first trinket box, "Fur Elise" by Beethoven.
 Music box key is underneath. In gold, silver, and clear acrylic, there is a red ruby center diamond, with eight white diamonds surrounding the ruby at the center of the lid. Very kitsch too.

 Both of my Ladymate/ Sankyo music trinket boxes. Love them both that's for sure!
 I also made a quick stop at the Goody Store and picked up these fabric swatches and I just couldn't resist these bento cuties. You are supposed to put soy sauce or other condiments inside the cute apple or one bear containers! I may just use them as props in my bento boxes. I'm so happy I found the fabrics in red, now I have a red gingham and red stripe. Yay!
 Number six and seven of my pin cushion chair finds, upcycled from Yesterday. I like the look, simple, not too shabby chic. LOL
 I will list two from my collection in my shop soon. I told myself I have to limit, no room to keep them in my display case. LOL

 My collection of pin cushion wire chairs. I will let go of two in my shop soon! Now, to decide which ones...
Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Rare Find Arrived from Thailand!

A rare find arrived from Thailand, today! A fellow collector's shop via IG, had posted that he was selling these lovelies. I quickly messaged him and asked how much? When he responded. I immediately sent payment and he shipped the following week. I was happy to find out, just like Japan, items from Thailand come into Guam quickly. Yay!

 A lovely vintage ceramic cat couple in blue with human faces. These figurines are similar to my lamb mug I got earlier this year. Perhaps also made in Japan? No markings. I love the texture in the way they made the cast. I want to say spaghetti style, but it isn't, like most of the Arnart figurines. So, I will have to do more research.
 They are quite tall, the male is about 12 inches. Look at how adorable they both are. I've never seen them before. Definitely keepers in my collection.

 This adorable set of ceramic love birds are from etsy. Made in China. They are really small for shakers. I fell in love with their eyes and that they remind me of anime birds in Macoto T. artwork or Ayumi Uyama style retro loveliness.
 They both still had their stickers. I believe these are not vintage. Maybe 2000 or earlier. They will be a part of my collection.

I was able to locate another two vintage pin cushion wire chairs. This one is from etsy. I will replace the flowers and rik rak trim only. Still beautiful, even the cushion is in lovely condition.
 This one I found via ebay. I love that the red cushion is not faded. I will keep the cushion as is, and just repaint the chair. More on them later.
Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls

Monday, September 18, 2017

To Open or Not To Open?

LOL, I was struggling with deciding on opening up the mint in package doll, I got recently from my post here.

Yup, I caved and opened her up...
 Francine, has long legs and wider feet than Licca Chan. Her pants was more like what we call on Guam, as "Bahaki" or "Ranch" clothes. So, I opted for an Azone International white pleaded skirt and Barbie's ugg boots from "Juicy Couture". I love her top, so that stayed on.
 She has straight long hair with bangs just like Jenny dolls by Takara. She is quite slender in build, and similar to Hasbro's Leggy dolls.

 She has very petite upper body and her face and length of her hair reminds me a lot of...
 Marina the mermaid, from "Hans Christian Andersen's The Little Mermaid" by Toei Animations. Though her hair is not as blond or her eyes green. She has the very same long legs you see in the anime. All she would need is a reroot, and repaint to be similar, and a tail.

 She is a fun addition to my small doll collection. I'm glad I was able to adopt her.

Thank you for looking! ~ ggsdolls

Friday, September 15, 2017

Finds Arrive Home

Today, is a much better day! Whew. The listings for the three rare items on my shop, turned out great. Two of the three were adopted. Thank you so much for shopping with me on Etsy!

Now, that my cold is pretty much without body aches, now, to just to get over the throat thing. Here are some finds I bought online that came in.

 I found this, and the next item in an online Japan shop. Lovely Kabaya jewelry necklace tribute to Sailormoon. I've seen this necklace a few times, and they often sell out fast. So, to find one still available was very nice. I love the design too.
 Sailormoon is one of my favorite anime's growing up. A new addition to my Kabaya necklace collection.

 This lovely mint in package doll is another Shiba vintage doll. She is similar to the doll I found here, 1970s Francine. This is the cheaper version I suppose. Often found wearing random fashions. But, still having the signature long legs and starry eyes. This one is blonde, and she comes with shoes too.

 The hard decision to open her up or not too? LOL. I'm so tempted to open her from her packaging. But at the same time, I want to hang her from the wall as is... Decisions. Haha.
 This item, I won through Yahoo Japan. No other bidders. Surprised, because this is a lovely vintage weaved bag with lovely artwork of posedolls. Still lovely, probably about 1950s.

 Some age stains inside, all original. I will display it, a new addition to my collection.

 Last, I got these items from Kuku Clara website. I needed a floaty, and some shoes for Nana. They arrived fast and that was because it was sent UPS. I wish there was a cheaper option to choose, for mailing from there. Ugh. Oh well.
 I made Nana a swim cap, and this lovely floral belt over a Moni bathing suit. Her lovely tan skin was begging for a swimsuit. LOL
She's so adorable. I need to do beach shots! Soon.

Thank you for looking! ~ ggsdolls