Saturday, May 19, 2018

Vintage Anime Puzzles!

I received two amazing vintage Japanese puzzles in the mail, and more!!

Vintage Hazedon Puzzle featuring Sheila the mermaid singing. Still has its vintage packaging, great for display too. You can read more about the sofubi I found of Sheila here in this post!

 The puzzle is in good to great condition, does have to tape residue on some parts of the puzzle, but still very nice to display. I will add it to my shop later today!
 Backside of the puzzle showcasing different animals.
 Then, I also found this lovely condition, "Girl Friends" puzzle Kodansha 4 Hosono Michiko / Tsuda Yukio puzzle series.
 Backside of puzzle showcases different sea animals.
 This puzzle will also be added to my etsy shop later today!
 Next, I found this lovely vintage Chalkware Leo the Lion coin bank. Missing its rubber stopper. Still in lovely condition and I will be adding him to my collection... 

 I just love his color combination...

Then, I decided to redress Lara. Here she is in a repro licca chan doll fashion, along with white knee socks, and a pair of white Mattle Tutti Maryjane shoes.

Then, earlier this week, I took out my mohair stash and created a poll via Instagram and many of you voted! By the way, thank you so much for your lovely thoughts too! It means a lot to me.
 I know I will eventually choose the final color for my rubber face Rushton bear, but it was fun to see what many fellow collectors thought. Always enjoy reading your comments. Here are the end results...
Most of you thought Yellow was the best! That's probably why, I've seen him mostly in yellow, and pink too. But, I was surprise to see 2nd choice was Orange?! Light pink next, hot pink, and last was in green. I love all of the colors, just wish I had more rubber faces!

In the end, what ever color I do decide on. I will definitely share on here and IG. Now, just to get started on him! Thanks again everyone for your thoughts! Much love & hugs back at you!!

Have a wonderful weekend where ever you are!

Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Online Finds In...

Here's what I found online, that came in this week...
 I ordered these via IG from a fellow shop, Atomic Kitty, I believe. She has a lot of vintage trinkets, etc. for amazingly cheap prices. So, when she posted about these vintage Kiddiegem fashion jewelry, I had to get myself a set. In this case, two!!
 I received one bracelet similar to my Mother's engagement bracelet, she used to wear, but is now inherited by my sister or her daughter. The set just brings back memories of the 'good ole' days. Ahhhh....
 This set's bracelet, is like a watch band. Both are new/old additions to my toy jewelry collection. Then, I found via ebay, this lovely Deer Brand Cherry blossom thermos, small version. It arrived to me super fast too!

 Has some wear, but ultimately in gorgeous condition. I will probably sell off one of my other Cherry blossom thermos, soon. Just part of my thermos collection, with the new addition.
 Next, I won this cute vintage sofubi doll via Yahoo Japan. I've seen mermaid versions of this cutie, but this one I haven't seen. She is like a fairy, or angel, there are holes at her back for wings perhaps?
 She is wearing a pink turtleneck top, with a pearl shell necklace. There are some symbols underneath her sitting legs, I can barely read. Will have to do more research on her. She has lovely curly hair in a bob.

 Maybe she is a boy instead, and the others I've seen are mermaid girls? More research...
 I also, got some more scrap booking brads, this time mini sized. I will make more doll hair clips! In pastel colors, in flowers and hearts...

Cherry Chan wearing a set. Just cute. I will have to try them on other dolls too!
 Last, I found these rubber doll faces. Great for crafting, and making a plush cutie. I will list the sleeping baby in my etsy shop, but the cute animal face, I will keep.
 Has some aging, but cute, even perhaps for a string holder or plush sleeping baby?
 This one, is just like the Rushton bears I've seen in pink or yellow. I love this face!
 Example of Rushton bears, with similar face. Photos not mine.

I will have to decide if I will make a plush or something else. Just love the cute minty face though! More on this rubber face later...

Thank you for looking! ~ ggsdolls

Sunday, May 13, 2018






Friday, May 11, 2018

Margaret Keane Art Prints!!

Finally! I've always wanted a particular art print by Margaret Keane, of course at the time, it was signed by her husband, in the 1960s. More info. from a past post, back when, I watched the movie the link here. Waifs, Big eyed, lonely lisa, suzie sad eyes, Blythe, etc. have always been a part of the vintage wants as a collector of dolls, now ceramics, and not to forget Lithograph art prints.

While doing some searching on Etsy, I found this Lot available. Two Keane prints. "Waiting", and the other is, "Little Ones." I have been on the search for, "Waiting" for not too long, when I discovered this one a few weeks ago. Sadly, the seller took a week to ship, and when I questioned her about it, that was when she shipped them. Oh wait, she just created the label for them, but didn't turn them into USPS, until I ask a week later!! Ugh. I'm not gonna start on that...  So, even though, I was disappointed on how long it took the seller to ship them. I am just telling myself, that it was worth it to finally have the Litho print I've always admired... Count your blessings Gigi. I am.

 The lot of two Walter Keane signed Litho art prints, even dated, 1962. The frames were in nice condition for their age. The prints lovely too.

 "Waiting" is my favorite, she reminds me of Susie sad eyes or Love me Linda dolls...
 Also, signed by Walter Keane, 1962. When the prints were by Margaret Keane. A piece of history for me and a period I love the art for.
 I will list "Little Ones" in my shop. So be on the look out for that one.
 Where she hangs now on my bedroom wall along with my other lovelies!! Yesss!

 Also, some yummy rainbow cotton candy we got from ROSS. Licca chan is just festive next to it! The flavors are berry delicious too!

Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls