Tuesday, January 23, 2018

ggsdolls Tees in My Etsy Shop Now!

I just listed my newly released ggsdolls design "Squeak Toy Trio" Youth Tees in my shop!! They are available in Youth Small, Youth Medium, and Youth Large! Get them while they last! I hope to make more and in adult sizes too!
Took one of my favorite vintage Japan squeak rubber toys set and made them into an adorable printed Tee to wear!!
 Sara was kind enough to model them for me! In my etsy shop, so stop by!

I also received these cute retro dolly fashions by Endangered Sissy on etsy! I have been wanting to get one or more of Pamela's creations for some time. Great fashions for your Blythe, Licca Chan, even Nana from Korea!
 She even dropped me a note and I must say, I love the artwork on her stationary too! So nostalgic, reminds me of artwork for "The Beatles" or 1970s groovy-ness...
 Nana by Bomulsung wearing the mod dress! She's just adorable in it too!
 I know it will fit Francine as well. Thank you Pamela!!

Next, I ordered these adorable nursery dresser knobs from ebay. A seller, (faith_n_him) from Ohio custom makes them. There are several to choose from, and they each have some earlier and later released Meyercord decal cuties we all know and love. My faves are the two, a bunny, and a bear. I ordered just the two, to change out the plain ones I have on my pink shabby chic shelf...
What do you think? Goes well with the decal on the shelf at the back, right?! I will definitely be back for more!

Last thing, I redressed Cherry chan in this cute "Who's that girl" by VOLKS Japan top, I've had for years now, along with Kikipop bloomers, and azone stockings. Love the color and look on her!

Thank you for looking! ~ ggsdolls

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Finally Finished My Reroot!

Oh my goodness, it was definitely a long process, and mostly waiting for the Saran hair I ordered a second time, to come in. I started this attempt back in December 28, 2017, post is here. I finished the saran hair I had ordered the first time.

Sad thing was that according to the shops directions, if I was doing a barbie sized head, I would only need the one bag. But, then again, because of the length of hair, I wanted, it finished up the bag. When the second order came in. I didn't get back to working on the head right away. But, when I did, it wasn't too far long to finish. After I had her head completed fully. The next step was to boil set the hair.
 Basically, you part the hair where it is you want the hair parted. Boil water in a pot, turn off the heat and as you hold the hair and body of the doll, slowly place the head into the hot water. Try not to fully submerge the head. Basically, keep from putting the face paint of the doll into the hot water, just the head. Afterwards, lift up from the hot water and then put the whole length of the hair into the water again. Just allowing to fully submerge the head and hair only. Lift and remove from the pot, pat dry with a towel. Then, allow the hair to air dry.
 I combed her hair while waiting for it to dry. Then, I started to trim the hair to the desired length I wanted. If you look carefully at first, her hair was a bit more poofy at her part. Now, it is set to a center part. The saran from this seller was nice and soft and so shiny too. I continued to trim, cut and now, she is ready to begin her new life as...
 Marina from Toei Animation, The Little Mermaid!!
 I may trim her bangs a bit... So, what do you think? I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.
It was a good try and fun, even almost therapeutic, LOL. If I had all the hair I needed, I would say this would take me one week to do.

Marina singing her "Coming of Age" song from the movie.

Then, I found this lovely vintage children's book by Rand McNally for Junior Elf, titled, "The Bears' Picnic." I mostly got for the cute bear art work. Lovely print too.

 I'm trying to tell myself. Just the one book. Not too costly either and I found it through etsy. The seller shop WunderStuff is here, and he was so sweet to add this vintage book too.
 Check his shop out. He has many vintage stories you might recall too!

Yummy Fruit Tart from our Aunt. It was a great Sunday lunch treat. Sorry, just had to share a pic of it. Very light and yummy.

Have a blessed week dear friends!

Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls

Friday, January 19, 2018

Cherry Chan Fun!

It's been fun dressing and redressing my Cherry Chan! I took out some of my doll clothing that were in storage, and finding the dresses I've had for years that fit her. It just changes her look with each fashion selection!!
 An Azone International Pure Neemo dress from 2016, I believe. I've added a pink ribbon and a teal blue ribbon choker necklace. Underneath is a Kikipop bloomers. Sorry not shown.
 One of my fave styles on her. It's a bit of a tight fit at the back when you are trying to secure the velcro, but it works.

Then, I took out this dress from Sugar Mag on ebay, I believe, I had since 2007. Oh, my there was a reason I kept this dress! LOL
 Made for Blythe, I got this dress for a 1/6 bjd. The name of the doll escapes me, sorry, Oh well. Stockings by Azone International, shoes generic made for Blythe, from Hong Kong. I added a white ribbon, and white bow from Daiso on her head.

She's like a little Lolita Girl from Harajuku! Just adorable. If you haven't fallen in love with this doll. In time I know you will... Sorry, in advance dear friends. I'm just in awe...

Cherry Chan singing, "Just Like a Star". Also fun with the app again, to create this!
Have a wonderful weekend dear friends!

Thank you for visiting! ~ ggsdolls

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Miyuki Odani's Detective Prom Queen Cherry Chan!!

Finally, I was able to get my hands on a Miyuki Odani's "Be My Baby" Cherry Chan doll. This is the Shinjuku Isetan Release from December 2017. I had actually fell in love with Cherry chan back in October and was even very close to snagging an "Abbie" Cherry chan. But, because I just happened upon the sale page and didn't have a proxy buyer, I lost out. Ugh!!

Oh well, this time. I was able to get one that a friend was letting go. Yippee! She arrived safely to me today, and I couldn't be more thrilled.
 I liked all three versions, but my friend was only letting the prom queen go. I love her bangs and wavy hair. I quickly opened her up and noticed she had no shoes. LOL She comes with her original box, pennant, pink dress, and pearl necklace.
 Back side of the box. She had tie straps on her, a bit harder to reuse later. Oh well. Just as lovely as other collectors photos of the same doll!
 From my research on her, she was created by Miyuki Odani, who is also famous for her work on Blythe dolls, Blythe doll fashion, and her company "Doll House". I have seen many collectors of her dolls that were first released back in 2015. So many lovelies too. The one thing that draws me to her, is her eyes...
I was telling Taby, that they look like she's either in shock or died. It's her small pupils and seemingly blank stare. Taby noted her large lips too. I told her, but that's what makes her unique. She is definitely, not a Barbie or Blythe doll.
 I redressed her in a Kiki Pop doll dress, yes, it barely fits at the back side, but it suits her. A pair of red stockings, with shoes for Pure Neemo dolls and glasses for Licca Chan.
 She can fit some clothes by Azone so far, and I will have to check what other dolls clothing. I know Blythe clothes as well can fit her.

I also found that a coat I got for my other sweet Oike doll a few years back, can fit my Toddler Oike too. Yay! I had resewn the buttons on it to fit better.
 Taby had a doctors appointment, so for lunch I stopped by Tokyo Mart and picked up a Pork Katsu Bento lunch. Yum!
 We even did a bit of shopping at ROSS and found a photo frame for Taby's graduation photos, and this cool message board. Cheap too!

 Just couldn't resist some cotton candy from ROSS too! LOL
It's been a really nice slow week, a good thing too. Hope you are having a good one as well?!
Thank you for looking! ~ ggsdolls

Friday, January 12, 2018

Sweet Oike Toddler Doll

I recently bidded on a vintage baby doll via Yahoo Japan and won. I'm not sure if I've seen her before or not. But, now that she's arrived. I may have...

 I believe she is a vintage Oike Co. doll. I've seen the box titled "Soft Vinyl Doll". From a past auction. But, upon inspection of the doll, there are no markings. So, it might be possible she was an earlier release, maybe early 60s. She comes with her original hat, dress, shoes, underpants, and socks. A bit dingy, and needed a good wash.
 She has such a sweet smile with two teeth peeking out from her mouth. Chubby legs, and arms too! A perfect toddler dolly! Lovely bubble cut hair style too. I just couldn't resist. She will be added to my collection. I also added two red ribbons to her lovely curly locks.

 Just a quick shelfie pic!
 Later, I was able to snag this lonely cutie via etsy. I found him unpurchased and missing its partner, but in great condition! Even the chain is lovely. He will be added to my collection for now.

From the large platter of cookies we got from our Aunt for Christmas, I found this cute plastic toy drum ornament, in plain silver. Then, I decided to make it a bit cuter!
 I took it apart and printed these cute bunnies. Now, it's even more adorable!
 Lovely Meyercord bunnies decorate it. I will definitely be using this in my photos!

I've been having a blast creating more of these cute ads!!
 and this one too!
Thank you for looking! ~ ggsdolls